A Tribute to Love, To the Love of My Life

There I was, a young college student looking for love. The kind of love that makes your lungs be fuller, covers your skin with goosebumps, and tastes like hope. Then you were there with your smile and your soft hands, with your dazzling eyes and your plans.

I didn’t even know that I was part of your plans until one day, I figured out what the tingling sensation I felt in my hands every time I was around you was. Attraction? Admiration? Love? Yes, that was it, all of it! I had fallen in love with you, you were in love with me and there was no turning back.

From that time forward, life was you and I as a nucleus and then everybody else. I had never been as convinced of anything as I was on January 20th of 2007 when we said “I do” and began this wonderful life as husband and wife.

Now ten years later, I have innumerable “collectable moments” stored away in my heart, my pores, and my smile. Life with you is full of love, of laughter, of tears that find relief. When we got married, I never thought I would ever be more in love than at that point in life, but the truth is, that my whole world has expanded with you by my side. My soul has broadened so much that I wouldn’t know hot to explain to my younger self just how much more I love you now.

You are the perfect companion in this world away from our families. Together we have found our own traditions, we speak our own language and we are raising our children to find belonging in three different countries. I love your eagerness to travel, your sense of adventure, your constant plans. I melt every time I see you pouring all your love over our children. I am so proud of all of who you are today and I am thrilled to have you next to me whenever I have a new project.

Thank you for all you give, thank you for all you are, thank you for being here.

Happy anniversary! I adore you.


The Adjustment Bureau

My husband and I went on a much deserved date last week ending up at the movie theater, per usual. We chose a movie staring Matt Damon called The Adjustment Bureau and I thought it was worth sharing it with you. Without giving too much of the storyline away, this film presents the theory of the universe (or someone greater than us) having a preset plan for every single one of us and what happens when we defy it.

The main character meets someone who changes his life for ever and invariably falls in love with her but that wasn’t part of his greater plan so “The Adjustment Bureau” is there to make sure that these two individuals never see each other again. The problem is that when both of the characters fall madly in love with each other, it seems that there is nothing (not even the sea of people who live in NYC) that can keep them apart.

Sounds like the typical love story, right? Well, it is, but it isn’t. The kicker here is that for some odd reason, the main character learns that if he ends up with the woman of his dreams, he will never be the successful politician he always wanted to be and she would never be able to fulfill her dreams. Would this make them sad? Would their career goals matter that much over their love? What is more important, being loved or being successful?

This specific idea of the film got me thinking. I guess, to a certain point I believe in destiny and having somewhat of a preset plan for my life that is just part of the greater universe. Perhaps meeting that Lebanese international student in college was part of my destiny but choosing to be with him and becoming his wife (with all what that implied) was definitely a choice that changed all my future plans as an individual completely. Did I change my “greater plan” by making that choice then?

I think that every single one of us end up defying “the greater plan” at some point in our lives. If I wouldn’t have chosen love over everything else in my life, I would probably be living in Mexico right now. Who knows if I’d be married and much less have children. Would I had been happy without having the unconditional love that I found in my Lebanese college student? Or would I have found myself longing for his love?

If my greater plan was to be a successful career woman (like the movie in this case presented), then I definitely messed it all up by falling madly in love and jumping into a life of shared goals and dreams where always one or the other ends up putting what he or she always wanted to achieve on hold. But you know what? I’m happy this way.

I’m happy that I am impulsive and decided to leave the comfort of the life I had known for one of assimilation and learning in a foreign country with my foreign man. I’m happy that after the many difficulties we had to go through, we finally had our first baby and now we are having the second one. I’m happy that even though, I am not the professional, career-oriented woman with sophisticated work clothes that I always saw myself as, I have a little family that keeps my heart very full. I’m happy that at the end of the day I am a mom, a wife and a best friend to the only person in the world that I can see putting my personal plans on hold for.

I’m happy to have chosen love.