The Void in My Hand

My hand once held a little hand within it. A little hand fitting perfectly in the space left there for me to guide and to cherish.

Later both of my hands held little hands within them as I spent wonderful hours at parks, and beaches, and gardens with my first two children.

Then my last child was born and both my hands held little hands within them as I held the baby wrapped around my chest, close to my heart.

After a while, the first little hand went off to school full time, followed shorty by the second little hand. All was good because my hand still had a little hand to hold within it.

But now, as the last baby is going to preschool three full days a week, I find myself walking everywhere with a void in my hand.

No more play dates every day, no more company to run every errand. What will I do to fill this void in my hands?

I still have those two weekdays to hold a little hand within mine. But it doesn’t seem enough. It isn’t like before.

So I take a look around me and I fill the void with a pen and a notebook to start writing more.

Then I grab my guitar and I start to practice more.

Then I see my yoga mat and I start to push myself more.

Then I find my camera and I start to shoot some.

Then I grab a course catalog and I start classes towards a degree that I have always wanted.

Is it time to fill the void with other dreams?


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