Your Older Kids

To my friend whose older children serve as a great example to my children,

I know from time-to-time I have mentioned in passing how much I appreciate the presence of your children in the lives of mine. However, I have never really told you how I admire their high morals, the great patience they show playing with my little ones and the way in which they show them about problem resolution.

You may not know this, but even when you don’t see me outside when they all play together, I listen to their conversations and hear them playing from inside the house. It is not that I’m spying on anybody, I just like to hear how the imagination of 5 children of different ages flies and meets at different levels. I also like to see how all of them, yours and mine, watch over the 6th kid, my little toddler who just wants to be part of whatever they have going on.

I know the weeks go by quickly as we drive the kids around from one activity to the next. I know how busy your schedule is with all your volunteerism and your involvement in your family life. I know of the many times you rush to accomplish so much for everyone else that you barely find time for you. I also know that all your effort is paying off.

You have a sweet middle-schooler who finds a way to relate to even my 2-year-old. He’s kind and gentle and teaches them so much -like how to build boats that actually float out of the items in my recycling bin. Whenever my older two are getting impatient with the little one who’s trying to play with them, I always use him as an example.

You have a fifth-grader who is smart and funny and who never tires to play princesses and pirates or whatever the younger ones want to play. She has the biggest heart and knows just how to make everybody feel included in the games. Her name is always spoken in my home. One of the first ones all of my children learned when they first started to speak.

You also have that early-elementary kid who runs around the yard just like mine. She is one of their most favorite companions. She listens, and cares and challenges them too. We all love having her over as well.

As the kids play outside today and I find myself eavesdropping on them, I wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job raising the type of children that I want mine to be.

Thank you for being such a great influence in our lives.


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