Leftovers for Lunch and Some Other Options

It’s back-to-school time, or if you follow a calendar similar to the one my kids do, then you already are back into the Fall routine.

My picky-eaters don’t want to have anything to do with school lunches -I gotta say I’m not disappointed because, even though, there are some good lunch options, there’s no guarantees that they will choose the healthy option vs. pizza or hotdogs. Therefore, I’m left with the task of packing lunch every day.

Last year I was baffled at all the work that some parents put into making and packing their kids’ school lunches. I thought Bento boxes were awesome but how do you keep those expectations up through the year?

So I sat down with my daughter and drafted a little menu with options for every morning: from the elaborate lunch kinds to the sandwich staples.

Through the year, I discovered that by cooking a little extra of their favorite dinners the night before, I could save a ton of time the morning after plus I could almost have the guarantee that they would love and eat their food.

Below are 10 days of school lunches. Some are from left overs and some others are things that are easy to put together and pack while everyone is eating breakfast. I include water with every lunch and some times we do some apple juice too. In order to keep hot lunches, well, hot, I used containers that would keep food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5. I gotta say they work wonderfully.

***The photos were taken in a rush with my phone so please forgive any clutter in the background ;)***


DAY 1 – Salmon over rice, cucumbers and apple slices.

DAY 2 – Spaghetti with quinoa and beef meatballs, grated cheese, grapes and steamed broccoli.

DAY 3 – Carrots and cucumbers with hummus, apple sauce and half a ham and Swiss cheese spread sandwich in whole wheat bread.

DAY 4 – Two homemade morning glory mini muffins (apples, beets, carrots, flax seed, GF flour and chocolate chips to entice the kids), Greek yogurt, cucumber and peach slices.

DAY 5 – Chicken Shawarma over quinoa, baby carrots and Babaganoush, probiotic dairy drink.

DAY 6 – Peanut butter and honey sandwich in whole wheat bread, popcorn and strawberries.

DAY 7 – Chicken nuggets with ketchup, baby carrots, special treat sold at school (small ice cream).

DAY 8 – Quesadilla, guacamole and tortilla chips and two small plums.

DAY 9 – Mixed steam vegetables, broiled pork chops with ketchup, homemade cornbread muffin and peaches.

DAY 10 – Organic Mac N’ Cheese, watermelon and cherry tomatoes.


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