This Time Is Just For You And Me

With a knot in our stomachs and excitement in our hearts, my husband and I closed the garage door leaving behind our three young children, a very well-equipped sitter, a fridge full of food and a whole folder with instructions, recommendations, menu ideas and emergency numbers. It was the first time we were leaving our most precious possessions behind, in the hands of someone who wasn’t family, for more than an evening.

We were a little nervous about the idea, but knew that they would be in the caring hands of the young lady who has watched them often since my second one was born. We have known her for almost five years, we knew her family and we also knew she was capable of caring and entertaining children because her day job is as a nanny of two young children.

We were really in need of some time as a couple and as individuals. This trip provided the perfect opportunity to get both. Once on the plane, there wasn’t an easy way to back out from our weekend away. We arrived to the airport and as we started taking the city in, the buildings, the sites, the perfectly cozy and wonderfully located hotel room, we gave into happiness and freedom.

I love taking my children to explore whatever little corner of the world we can take them to. However, taking them along means planning EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY. It means being alert 100% of the time, finding restrooms in the most random places and at the least convenient times. It means being in “parent-mode”.

I don’t know about you, but from time-to-time, I need to be able to just be on “me mode” or in-the-moment with the love of my life. This getaway reminded me of how much we enjoy site-seeing together, how we can enjoy the very last drop of every espresso, how we can be silly and laugh and not have to worry about the time.

We were checking things off our highly ambitious list of things to do in NYC when we FaceTime’d with the kids who were giggling and doing marvelously. Their smiles and their enthusiastic voices were all what we needed to let go of the last bit of “parent guilt” and enjoy our vacation to the max.

Leaving your kids in the care of someone for first time is very hard sometimes but I found that being in love like a newly-married couple, exploring a city with the only purpose of having a good time was totally worth it.


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