Is My Baby Growing Too Quickly?

Is my baby growing too quickly? She is only inching the mark of 18 months but I already feel it. I sense her observing the world and making mental notes. Executing moves that her older siblings at her age, did not have the ability or the desire to do.

I hear her signing and humming, I see her gesturing her favorite songs and dancing with whatever coordination her little body provides her. But she moves and she enjoys it with such delight that is hard not to rejoice when I see her.

I want to encourage her little heart, I want to include her in the games of her older two siblings, I want to let her eat by herself when she wants to. At the same time, I want to keep her little, tight against me, preserving her baby smell, attached to me.

Will she be the last little person who learns animal sounds from me? I’m sensing how the dynamic of my little family changes from nursery rhymes to pop songs. From less story hours at the library to more time at the soccer field.

Is this nostalgia I feel? A sense of loss? Or rather the turning of a page that welcomes a new chapter, a new stage in motherhood?

My heart feels heavy and full of pride; sad and extremely happy. Is this yet another bittersweet milestone of my life as a mom? How can I just focus on the happy? I’m trying very hard to imprint the memories of these sweet moments in my mind without thinking of how this stage is vanishing before my eyes. But I can’t.

Is my baby growing too quickly? Or am I not ready for this change to take place?


One thought on “Is My Baby Growing Too Quickly?

  1. I think they do all grow up too quickly. And how can we not mourn losing those sweet faces that will never be so small again? But I love experiencing each new stage with them. The wonder in their eyes, the excitement to try something new. It’s the cycle of life…

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