The First Steps Towards Independence

My first child, my daughter, one of the biggest pieces of this puzzle that I have for a smile, is starting kindergarten tomorrow. As the time has approached, emotions have been dropped in my heart brought by waves of changes. Little by little, I have been filled with excitement, happiness and pride with a hint of nostalgia.

While preparing her backpack and planning her lunch, I pictured her so little in that big place, so full of hope and pure joy. I imagine her learning and making new friends. Finding out without me, the things that she enjoys and the ones that she’s good at. I envision her taking those first steps into her school tomorrow and how the years will fast-forward towards a diploma, a career path, but most importantly towards finding herself.

Tomorrow will start that stage of motherhood where I would have to serve as an anchor, as the home base where my child will return to find familiarity and comfort. The safe place where she could be herself and where she, hopefully, would find support and direction, love and understanding.

It’s the time when the achievements will be hers and hers alone. It will begin the time in life where I will be more of a spectator, her audience and her biggest cheerleader. In other words, is time to let go and allow her to take the first strides towards independence.

I think we are both ready. I hope that if I get teary-eyed tomorrow, the tears will be of pure pride, joy and excitement for her.

Dream big, my little girl and be the best independent five-year-old that you can be. Hello kindergarten, I greet you full of promise.


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