Life After Preschool

When I started this blog, I had a baby girl who only cooed and smiled. Now I have a preschool-age little girl who speaks in full sentences, twirls around with her tutus, and loves to play with her friends.

In a few more weeks she will be starting preschool and rather than feeling nostalgic, I feel very excited for her! As a mom, one of my biggest joys is seeing my children having fun and conquering challenges. What better place to do that than in preschool? Learning a little bit more about herself and developing her personality without me overprotecting her (because whether we do it on purpose, we all overprotect our little kids who are ready to grow).

I’m sure there will be a phase of adjustment and that perhaps there will be some tears in both of our eyes when we say good-bye for a little longer than what we are used to during the day for the first time. But I’m very much looking forward to her coming home with stories and projects, and perhaps a little friend from time-to-time.

Having my oldest in preschool will also allow me to have the much needed time alone with my son! Not giving him the same full attention that I was able to give my daughter at least at the beginning has always made me feel guilty. But if I can be completely honest, this is what makes the most nervous about this transition. I don’t know how he will react when he learns that he will not be staying at school with his favorite playmate. I haven’t enrolled him in any of the classes that I said I was going to take him to once his sister went to school. Will he bored hanging out only with me?

I guess the biggest transition will be to have an only child six hours a week and taking advantage of that time to kill my mom guilt once and for all.

Do you already have children in preschool? How did the younger siblings take the change?


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