Do We Still Live in the Same Town?

Being at home with the kids called me to look for new friends who were also home with their kids and who had a similar schedule than mine so that we could get together A LOT! I now have a network of stay-at-home-moms to call friends. Among those was a very special one, the type that I don’t need to call before showing up at her doorstep, the type who totally gets me because she also came from a Latin American country.

I could always count on her to have a last minute playdate and best of all, our children adore each other so I never had to bribe anyone to get in the car! It felt like having family very close by. But I speak in past tense because she recently went back to work 😦

At the beginning, I didn’t notice much of a difference, we just needed to be more intentional planning playdates and actually get our calendars out. However, about a month ago, she decided to go back to her career full time, which is awesome for her, but now we barely see each other. It feels as if she had moved out of town and not to be selfish here, but it kind of sucks for me.

A few other friends have started to flirt with the idea of going back to work and I cannot help it but to think what’s going to happen to my playdates? Will I go back to my first months at home when I was looking for ways to meet people? Will I be missing everybody? All of the sudden I’m thinking of life stages coming to an end and new ones arriving. Maybe my time to switch from being a stay-at-home-mom will also come at some point and I will also leave people missing my company.

In all cases, it is always hard to leave comfort behind and readjust to a new routine. I hope my friend is fully adjusted to her new one at work.


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