Uncensoring Me

When you are a mom, your life is automatically censored from the moment you find your child staring at you for the first time. You know that all what you do, you say, you eat and the way in which you interact with your husband are all being closely watched by little people ready to imitate any inappropriate behavior -because you know that poor behavior is what they pick up first.

So you try to fit yourself into the appropriate motherly figure mold that society left at your hospital door the day that you delivered. For that to happen, you have to get rid (or put away in a box in the basement) the parts of you that are not suited for “general audiences”.

There are certain things that moms wear; there are certain foods they must eat to “set a good example” to their children; there is also a society-approved way in which they can talk to their children. And in the midst of it all, you find that some of the really fun parts of you have left your body.

I miss the spontaneity of not having to think about my very move and I also miss my hanging out with my husband having the only responsibility of choosing the movie or the place to eat. Although we try to have dates without the children as often as possible, we still have domestic affairs running through the back of our minds all the time. So we decided to take a trip just the two of us to celebrate life, to be happy, and to be a man and a woman in love and not only parental figures that have to follow preset rules.

I can’t wait to be at a place where the letter combination “PDA” doesn’t mean a thing; where we can wake up when we feel like it; where we can eat whatever, whenever and wherever; where the means of transportation (or lack thereof) don’t have to include space for a stroller; where we can be careless and rude and loud and inappropriate because we don’t have to function as 24/7 role models; where we can simply be uncensored.

I think every marriage deserves at least 24 hours to be husband and wife and nothing else.


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