The Diet that Changed My Life

Becoming a mother was a wonderful gift from life to me and I love it, but nobody warned me of how dramatically different my body would be after pregnancy.

I’m not event talking about my muffin top and my wider hips here, I’m referring to my skin dryness and more importantly, the development of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you haven’t heard of this, good for you! I envy you! I didn’t know either until about eight months ago when, after two years of living bloated and in pain, I visited a series of specialists that were only successful determining that I had been suffering from IBS.

I was highly demotivated as both the gastroenterologist and the internist I saw said the same thing: it’s a chronic condition difficult to manage because it is different in everybody. They sent me off with some Metamucil and some Bentyl for the pain :s.

Tired of my constant fatigue, pain and my inability to loose weight, I ended up at the office of a holistic doctor who seriously changed my life.

He put me on a severely strict diet to detox my body where I cannot have gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugars, chocolate, pork, shellfish, beef, soy, eggs and high fructose corn syrup (which apparently is in EVERYTHING even vinaigrette and sandwich bread). This forced me to start reading labels and learn a lot about the food I was eating or that was eating me, rather.

I have been doing this crazy change in eating habits for more than two months now and I cannot tell you how MUCH better I feel but I’m not going to lie, it worries me that I will have to watch closely everything that goes into my mouth for the rest of my life. I know there are many of you healthy people out there who only eat organic food but ever since I started this, going to the supermarket has become a mission of food exploration. I find it ironic that now that we are eating healthier, my kart is half as full as it used to be and yet I pay so much more for groceries than I used to.

Has our “modern, convenient” food become a concoction of fillers and flavor additives in exchange for a better price? I am not even in a crusade to bring back better food at reasonable prices to the supermarkets but I do worry about the consistent rise in the cost of the healthy food that I want to provide for my family and its direct correlation with the increase in the use of fillers such high fructose syrup in our packaged foods.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is: How long will I be able to afford a healthy lifestyle?

Does it worry you too that as your family grows and your children need more calories, you may have to compromise quality over price?



One thought on “The Diet that Changed My Life

  1. hija mia.. me da de verdad muchisisima tristeza este post…. entiendo que te sientas bien.. pero a costa de vivir de por vida fijandote en lo que comes.. siendo una experta en leer etiquetas y que entrar a un supermercado sea una odisea.. son cosas de mi dia a dia que no se las deseo a nadie y menos a ti!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    Lo que si esque seremos y comeremos mas sanamente.. pero es dificil… porque comer es uno de los tantos placeres de la vida.. y para mi era mas placer comer lo que quisiera en donde quisiera sin preocuparme..pero bueno.. todo tiene su lado positivo y no hay cosa mas preciada que la salud.. que te la deseo de todo corazon… te quiero!

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