Me Time

Everyone needs to have a little time to be herself, to worry only about one person, to do the things she likes. As a stay-at-home mom turned into housekeeper, it is very difficult for me to find more than 20-40 minutes a day where it’s only me that I’m focusing on.

Going to the gym and being able to drop the children off is a great escape but sometimes, I need a little more. That is why when I told my husband about doing a weekend getaway with other mom friends, he fully supported me not hesitating to take on all responsibilities related to staying alone with the children.

My friends and I didn’t care that it was the middle of the winter, we just wanted to escape to the great food, wine and shopping that one can only find in Chicago. We had a great time but it wasn’t because we did a million things. The fun laid on the simplicity of not having to follow a schedule, to haul other people around or worry about who needed a nap.

I was very happy to have had that time to relax but when I came home, I learned that my husband was just as happy to have been able to spend some extra time alone with our children :).

I can’t wait for the next time I get to have a whole day of me time!


One thought on “Me Time

  1. En mi caso que trabajo es algo parecido… nunca tengo tiempo para mí…. y cuando lo tengo paso el 50% del tiempo sintiendome culpable y el resto del tiempo lo gasto en traslados y en pensar en que voy a hacer…. pero aunque sean unos minutos… siempre es bienvenido¡¡¡

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