Dating My Husband

I know I’m not the first mom to ever miss the time alone, the dates and the freedom experienced as a couple before the arrival of children to the relationship; but I think that dating your husband is something extremely important that we often forget to do because we are folding laundry or putting dishes away.

Dating is specially important, I feel, to couples like mine, who have lived far away from family from the beginning of the relationship and who were used to spending every free hour with each other. Ever since my children came, my husband has been the champion of date night, and I have really appreciated him taking this role. However, he recently shared with me that it would be nice if for once, I was the one initiating the conversation, coming up with a plan and asking him out. I felt like the worst wife ever. After all, I was always surprising or doing something special for him until sleep deprivation, nursing and keeping the household together got in the way of romanticism.

But he’s right, I should also put effort in dating him and finding special times that only him and I can share. So this week, I decided to do something about the matter and planned a nice evening for just him and I. Since my budget is slim and I didn’t want to ask him out on a date to then have him pay for it, I decided to forget about the sitter and leaving the house and set the perfect environment right here at our very own home.

We both are self-proclaimed foodies but dinner wouldn’t have counted as a date since we would have to do it with the children and let’s face it, there isn’t anything romantic in ending with your clothes full of your son’s dinner. So what then? Well, he doesn’t know this so don’t spoil it (don’t worry, he usually never reads my blog), but I have planned a very light dinner with the children and then a picnic in the basement for after the kids go to bed. Cute, huh? But I also thought about doing something that we usually never do: play Wii! It would be like dinner and bowling or mini-golfing -I may even let him win 😉

The point is: not only is it important for everybody to always date their spouse but it also is important to know that you don’t need to spend much money to have a nice couple’s time.


4 thoughts on “Dating My Husband

  1. How cute and wonderful! But you will have to tell your husband to instruct other husbands…maybe he can start his own blog 😉

  2. They really appreciate these kind of details, my husband also is the one who always plan the few dates that we can have now after our little one, but for our 6th anniversary I was the one who call the babysitter, made the reservation in one of his favorites restaurants, etc. and he was really happy about it.
    Your date idea is great!!!

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