Traditions in the Making

In my last post, I talked about the fun opportunity my family has of starting, adding and coming up with new traditions. But I didn’t have the chance to tell you how my Christmas went until now.

We combined our Lebanese-Mexican backgrounds and had a very special time! We decided to start opening gifts one-by-one between the day before Christmas and Christmas day in hopes that by unwrapping gifts little by little, the children would really get a chance to enjoy each of them. I think that was the best kick-start to the great holiday we had. It allowed the children to have something to look forward to through the day and it gave them the chance to play and have fun with each gift so I think this will be a tradition implemented in our home from now on.

We celebrated both on Christmas Eve with an array of appetizers that made for a delicious dinner that even the children loved. Since it was only the four of us for Christmas, we decided that instead of cooking a turkey, which would have been the tradition in my family, we would cook a chicken.

We kept everything light and simple and spent most of the day playing with the kid’s new toys but we also kept the center of the holiday alive by having a birthday party for Baby Jesus! We borrowed a Lebanese tradition of having a cake called buche de noel and had that as our birthday cake. My daughter who’s really into birthday celebrations loved this so I think this tradition will also have to come back next year.

We of course added some Skype time with relatives and that was the best way to end the holiday. We didn’t even have time to be nostalgic for our home lands.

I’m sure next year will bring more opportunities to start new traditions and mix more of our cultures to create our very own.


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