It is the Season to be Jolly

My husband and I are trying this new thing of NOT being nostalgic for our home countries or our extended families this year (even when we see the photos of them celebrating together on Facebook) and I have to say that so far, so good. Our strategy consists on focusing our energies on the one celebration of the season that people usually spend with friends and not family – New Years Eve! For which we decided to invite our friends and their children over to have a nice, loud, full-of-food party.

We will still be celebrating Christmas, of course, but instead of having a get-together to try filling gaps that are impossible to fill, like that of having your mom’s homemade food or your brother’s company, we will be just taking easy as the young family of four that we are.

My family in Mexico would have had a huge dinner on Christmas Eve and then leftovers for which the whole extended family comes back on Christmas Day. My husband’s family would have had a big meal on Christmas Day. So we decided to have a special meal both days and take advantage of our time home to do something we love doing and never get the chance for it: cook a meal together.

Our children are still young and for them, anything we do as a family is fun. But I want them to grow up having a little taste of our cultures mixed with the traditions that my little family is just beginning to develop and I really want them to feel happy that we are together -even when grandma, grandpa and everyone else is far away.




One thought on “It is the Season to be Jolly

  1. You have the wonderful opportunity to begin your own, special mix of family traditions….and what fun it is to decide what YOU want to do! Your children are very blessed!

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