A Third Child?

I know pets end up being a part of the family, but who knew that a child’s lovey would become so important that I feel like we are starting to care for it as if it was another child.

Aside from having one-sided conversations with my daughter’s puppet cow, we also tuck her in at night, pray with her and take her everywhere we go. My daughter is so attached to “Vaca”, as she named her, that I am getting increasingly worried about loosing her some place. So whenever we are out-and-about, I obsessively make sure that Vaca is accounted for before we come back home.

We have, of course, thought of the idea of buying an identical “replacement” cow in case that something was to happen to this one, but since my mother bought it in Mexico, we haven’t been able to find anything even remotely similar here. We have also tried to give her other stuffed animals and puppets to break her attachment to just one, but it doesn’t matter if her bed is filled with other “friends” my daughter will not go to sleep without Vaca. Thus, our obsession to keep an eye on her just like we do with our two children.

As we prepare for an upcoming trip overseas my husband and I joke about how we almost have to have a passport made for Vaca and maybe pin her to a backpack or the diaper bag. We don’t know how else we would sooth our daughter, tuck her in at night. You know how it is when you go on vacation: you are constantly visiting places, site-seeing, getting on and off different buses, cars, airplanes. The potential of misplacing Vaca is huge so I turn to you for advice on how to keep our daughter’s best friend safe.

Anyone with great ideas on how to make sure my child’s lovey makes it half way around the world and back?


3 thoughts on “A Third Child?

  1. Would attaching a carabiner to it help? At least to have it hanging from something where you can always see it, or know it is there? Or placing one of those gadgets that you whistle and it whistles back? Poor vaquita, I hope (for you and for your daughter) that vaquita can have the trip of its life 🙂

  2. Algo parecido me ocurre acá en Chile. Cuando mi hijo nació Ingrid le regaló un perrito que al principio se llamó “pego”, porque mi hijo no pronunciaba la “r”, ahora se llama orejita. Mi Hija También Tiene una perrita que se llama Luna…. ambos han tenido que ser recuperados de la montaña, desde la playa y hemos tenido que volver por no contar con algo que los “amarre”, ahora que tienen 12 y 9 años y como han estado durmiendo sin ellos ( mala experiencia), recuerdan antes de salir si los traen en los equipajes….
    Pero tu viaje debió terminar hace tiempo ¿cómo te fue? PAULA

    • Hola Paula:
      No me digas que el amor por el peluche les dura tantos años? Me estas asustando!
      Pues si le pusimos el ganchito que sugirió Ingrid y por lo menos en los aeropuertos mantuvo a Vaca sana y salva. Llegando a Líbano, le informamos a todo el mundo de la importancia del peluche (esta en todas las fotos) y teníamos a medio mundo echándole el ojo. Regresamos de Líbano, fuimos y regresamos de México y aquí sigue Vaquita 😉

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