Unlocking The Treasure Chest Of Memories

I don’t know how things work here when you are a teen in middle or high school but at least in Mexico, girls are very sentimental and like to give their BFF’s little notes and letters to let them know how important they are to each other. I had a file box full of such letters from my friends that even went with me in the international move from Mexico to Costa Rica. (For those who don’t know, I lived in Costa Rica the last two years of high school because my dad got a job there.)

I shamelessly confess that after more than a decade, I still keep some of the deepest letters from my close friends and tend to reopen them when I am at my parents house. I know, I’m very corny and I am very proud of it too! It is not only that I’m a nostalgic and a sentimental but when I read some of those letters again, I remember chunks of my life that are locked somewhere inside me and I can’t help it but to feel immensely happy.

I thought I was the only person who has kept pieces of life as a teenager but one of my closest friends, who I met in Costa Rica, called me yesterday to tell me that while she was visiting her family, she found a box with letters and among them a handful of letters from me!

Her and I are so closed that there was nothing that I would keep from her so the letters she found were deep and full of my past. She read a couple of them along with some poems (I used to write poetry) and as she did, she brought us back to our lunch breaks laying on the grass and staring at the clouds in our, our afternoons drinking coffee and listening to Rosana and Alejandro Sanz, our evenings clubbing at the limited selection of night clubs San Jose had to offer back then.

It was precious to even see the letters through Skype! We used to get so creative in the way in which we folded them or decorated them… how corny and how wonderful! It made me wish for my daughter to have that special relationship with her friends in the future too. There is just something indescribably cheerful in handwritten correspondence, specially when is written from the heart.

(Thank you Ines for putting us in touch with our teenage years. I too keep your letters.)


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