I think that is long overdue for me to show my friends in the US what some dishes of the Mexican cuisine look like but because a picture speaks more than a thousand words, I have decided to make this post photo exclusive.

I am sure that after you see the dishes below, you will understand my nostalgia for a good Mexican meal when I am back in the States. But do not worry, I will not judge you if you look up a recipe of any of these delights and decide to take a chance to replicate it in your kitchen. The only thing I request is to please invite me over for lunch.

Enchiladas de Aguascalientes

Chilaquiles Rojos

Chilaquiles (tortilla chips bathed in a salsa) with cubed potatoes and carrots, topped with fresh cheese and avocado, accompanied with refried beans… a traditional breakfast


Salpicon (shredded beef with tomato, onion, cilantro, olive oil and lime juice) with tostadas and guacamole

Carne en su jugo (traditional dish from Guadalajara), refried beans with corn and tortilla chips, tortillas with fried onions, and onion and cilantro to garnish it. The drink you see in the cup is horchata -rice water

Queso frito en salsa verde (fried cheese) with fried onions

Now, I couldn’t really show you why I miss real Mexican food so much without showing you what REAL tacos look like. No sour cream, no hard tortillas, no ground beef. Instead notice the small corn tortillas being made right in front one’s eyes, the different types of meats, cilantro, onion and the variety of salsas to choose from. Yum! I want some tacos al pastor.

Tacos, the real deal, the meat in the back is “al pastor” made in the same fashion than gyro meat but with a nice bbq type sauce

Grilled serrano peppers, onion, a stake that is about to be chopped up for my husband’s tacos, and there is some chorizo on the top of the photo.

Salsas!!! The first one from the left is avocado and tomatillo, then tomatillo with red peppers, then tomatillo or salsa verde and then salsa mexicana -the one is usually used here for dipping tortilla chips.

My mouth is literally watering right now. This is how the “taquero” gives you your taco. The meat here is called carnaza and is usually steamed. It is tender and very juicy.

The last thing one does before biting into a taco is adding some salsa to it. Here I have two cow tongue’s tacos with avocado and tomatillo salsa and one al pastor with pineapple and salsa verde.

After showing you all the great food that makes me miss Mexico even more, I think is time for me to go to my kitchen and see what I can do to remedy my cravings.

As we say in Mexico: ¡Buen provecho! Enjoy your meal.


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