Goosebumps Of The Heart

My trip to Mexico has been charged with strong emotions. Seeing my family and friends introducing my baby boy to almost all of them, going to weddings, having my son´s baptism, asking for the hand of my brother´s girlfriend in marriage and simply being in the place where I learned to be who I am has brought lots of happy tears to my eyes.

I expected that to happen, but what I did not anticipate was to feel goosebumps with the food and music or of pride when seeing how pretty my city was arranged for the Panamerican Games that took place here not too long ago. I was the most surprised of the excitement in my heart when we took the children to El Trompo Magico (The Magic Top), the local children museum. I think it was a combination between pride to see how despite all the bad rep Mexico gets in foreign countries, there are GREAT things happening here, and nostalgia for the colors, motion and sounds that are embeded in a cozy corner of my heart.

I was so positevely impressed by the museum and what I saw there that I had to share it with you so if you ever visit Guadalajara, Zapopan or another town from the metropolitan area, you do not forget to schedule a visit. My children enjoyed it as expected but my parents, brother and I had a blast too. I finished with tears in my eyes and goosebumps in my heart after enjoying the traditional dances that smelled like my land!

Below are some photos of the museum so you can get a taste of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are my Facebook friend, take a look at the video of the traditional dances that I posted on my wall.



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