Smells Like A Big Chunk of Me

Before I begin this blog I want to tell my friends from the States that I will probably be blogging more often as there are many things that are happening right now and that I promised to document for you. Today, however, I’m feeling sappy and corny so I wanted to write about what is going on in my heart instead.

Did you know that smell is said to be the human sense most directly linked to memory? Not to give you a whole scientific explanation or anything, let me just estate that emotions generate in the limbic system which nerves are triggered by smell. This is why smells can evoke strong memories and emotions.

I wanted to start my blog this week with that little interesting factoid about the human senses because I have been smelling traces of my childhood, family ties, friendships and basically, a big chunk of what makes me be myself through my first week back in my home land.

Have you ever found something like a necklace or a piece of clothing that belong to someone else and when you take a whiff of it brings you back in time? I have been interlacing years, memories and current events in the last week all by opening closets, smelling the damp soil of my city -which has a unique scent of wet clay-, huging loved ones and eating well.

It is both magical an amazing the little tiny memories that are stored within us and how a bite of a dessert or the scent of laundry at your mom’s house can bring them back. I hope my little ones are storing away the smells of family and friendship of the days that we spend here. I wish for them to be able to travel through time as I am doing right at this moment sipping on a fresh glass of “agua de jamaica” -hibiscus flower infusion.


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