Getting Ready to Take Off

YES!!! I’m finally tasting the adrenaline that comes with the arrival of a highly anticipated date. In this case is the date of a trip back to Mexico that will be charged with important events as two friends are getting married and we are baptizing our son!

Taking trips sounds like the most exciting thing in the world but the actual travel time can be an epic adventure -especially when done with a two-year-old and an almost eight-month-old.

We got our plane tickets thinking about saving money but were we really thinking clearly when we decided to book them for 5 am? I’m having second thoughts but I guess the evening before is not the best time to do anything about it, huh?

Since we are crossing international borders in this trip, we need to be at the airport (equipped with dark circles under our eyes and the strongest coffee available) at 3 am at the latest. Will we survive??? Poor children!

Anyways, I am actually quite happy to report that though we’ll be gone for over a month, I manage to pack lightly making sure to have extra room for souvenirs 😉

As far as the things we have on us to entertain the children (and keep the clean and fed), I was also conservative and packed ONLY what is absolutely necessary: diapers (one per child per each hour we’ll be in rout because one can never be too cautious), wipes galore, hand sanitizer, tide pen to remove stains in clothes, butt cream, nursing cover, plastic bags for any messes, a change of clothes for each, sippy cups, the iPad full of fun games and a kid movie for the toddler, a TAGJr and 2 books, crayons and a coloring pad AND the BEST invention ever, baby food pouches!

If you have young children I can’t stress enough how handy these pouches are. They are compact, light, easy to open and close, virtually mess-free, organic, tasty, and have a great flavor selection -I should be a spokesperson for the company. We have used them in previous trips and always had the luck of our picky eater devouring them.


The gear is ready, the plane tickets are ready, the parents are ready, now let’s just hope the kids are too! Wish me luck.


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