Fine! I’ll Make A Check List!

When did I turn into a planner who needs check lists? One thing is to do that at work or for a party or an event BUT another VERY different case is to do it in my personal life. I thought I was always going to be able to be impulsive and spontaneous, caring for nothing else than going with the flow. However, after almost two years of being a stay-at-home mom, it seems almost unavoidable to “grow up” and “grow into” the very methodical culture of the USA.

What would the 19-year-old who came to college here nine years ago would think of this Americanized version of me? She probably would have been a little scared, but hey! like we say in Mexico, “el que con lobos anda, a aullar aprende” (the one who hangs out with wolves learns how to howl). I don’t mean it in a negative connotation whatsoever, it is just a simple observation of how my character has drastically change to match the emerging needs of my new environment at home and the people who depend on me to get my act together (AKA my children).

So I find myself making a list for the things I will be needing for my upcoming trip to Mexico MORE THAN A MONTH PRIOR to this trip! What’s up with me? My friends over there will probably “phone-slap” me once they read this. The truth is that I can’t afford to go with the flow when I have two kiddies tagging along for the ride.

I have to make sure they have car seats appropriate for their weight waiting for us upon our arrival, a crib or pack n’ play for them to sleep in, baby food, diapers and wipes, not to mention my toddler’s lovey (for which I almost have to get a passport since he’ll be traveling in the plane with us). All of that while also packing for different weather, the beach and my son’s baptism. Needless to say, forgetting something may be more stressful than making a darn check list.

I’m lucky, however to live in the era of social media though, as I was able to find connections and friends who are willing to lend me the baby gear I need to live in my home country for a month and thus, saving me the hassle of carrying with a portion of my home in the plane. With that taken care of, I just need to make sure that a) I don’t over-pack; and b) I don’t forget anything that can’t be procured at the airport or once I make it to my parents’ house.

Sigh… I’m giving in. Let me start checking things off my list.


One thought on “Fine! I’ll Make A Check List!

  1. I’ve only made it to 31 years by making lists. I am a post-it note queen, since junior high. I have since transitioned to a note book to continuously make my random lists (and I put post it notes ON my lists, even). I’m not sure it makes me more organized but it helps me sleep at night (well, sort of).

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