Transnational Bachelorette Party Planning

Have I told you that my very best friend in the whole wide world is getting married this spring? I guess that if you usually see me in person, you have heard this about a million times already. It is just that I am very excited to be able to go to her wedding (and some weeks before that) so that I can live these once-in-a-lifetime special moments with her.

Because I haven’t lived in Mexico for the last 11 years, I really have lost track of who her current different groups of friends are, so when I told her little sister (not so little anymore) that I really wanted to be involved in the planning of one of her many bachelorette parties (in Mexico they are called farewell-to-single-life parties), she hooked me up with 3 other “orphan” friends that don’t necessarily belong to any of her groups of friends.

We are now planning an UNFORGETTABLE farewell party for her but the funny thing is that we are doing everything via Whatsapp Messenger on our phones and without really knowing each other very well. You have no idea how fun this endeavor is turning out to be as we are getting to know each other in a very “intimate” way (ha ha ha) all through texts.

I started by asking the type of activities that they were thinking about doing by suggesting a couple like going to a spa or for brunch as a way to test the waters and see the type of personalities I was dealing with. Someone immediately jumped in and said that she was already having boring parties and that ours needed to be epic -or something like that -and she immediately started listing the type of things that I can’t write here (no, they aren’t that bad, I just don’t want to spoil my friend’s surprise).

We have been texting on and off for the past day and I seriously think I haven’t laughed with this gusto in a long time. This fun transnational encounter has shown me that one really can connect with others in different countries. Now I cannot wait to actually meet them all in person!


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