Just As I Was Getting Used To It…

Four months into double motherhood I’m still trying to figure things out but just as I was getting more confident in my ability of controlling a curious toddler and making a baby comfortable while shopping, things just got heavier. Literally. I went for my 4-month-old boy checkup last week and I came to find out that he is almost too heavy for his infant car seat.

Really? What the H am I supposed to do now? I was finally used to carrying him in his seat while making sure my toddler didn’t run away when out-and-about. And I always enjoyed going to visit friends because I could just leave the baby sleeping peacefully in his seat while directing my full attention to the toddler, but now, all that is ruined… FOREVER.

OK, OK maybe not forever but at least until my little guy can seat down on his own. How can I go to the upcoming holiday parties with the two of them? How is he going to nap? But most importantly, where am I going to leave the baby when I have to run off to chase my busy little girl? All this seems very archaic to me. What did my grandma do with her 7 children and none of these baby care artifacts of today??? Oh, that’s right, she had a nanny and all her family around to help her!

I guess I better start hitting the gym real hard to build those back and arm muscles that I’m going to need to strap my baby carrier with 21 pounds on it.


2 thoughts on “Just As I Was Getting Used To It…

  1. WOW! 21 pounds?! Sophia weighed that much at 12 months. 🙂 Boys are so different! I’m curious what Ethan will be next week.

    Also, my infant car seat goes up to 32 pounds rear facing – the Graco snugride 32 – you could trade yours in (although, I realize your stroller is a chicco brand and they aren’t interchangeable…). It’s an option, anyway.

    Good job feeding that boy.

  2. Relax, as always I know you’ll find a solution!! 🙂 But as for going shopping or going to people’s places, I guess you can always put your little (big?) boy in the trolley, right? And at that age, he can probably take his nap in it. I don’t know what kind of trolley you have, but in most cases you can actually put them in a reclined position, and that’s all he needs to be confortable sleeping 🙂 Don’t woory too much, you’re doing absolutely great! Take care!

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