The Wife of a Diplomat???

When I was in college, I took a class on protocol and etiquette in the school of Diplomacy and International Relations. While it was a very fun class, I found it a little bit sexist as it basically showed that the role of the wife of any diplomat is to organize and execute social events. These events were dinners with other diplomats, tea times, and outings with the wives of other diplomats.

Now, after some years, I find myself reflecting on all those lessons on how to seat your dinner guests, what type of wine to serve and how to make sure that everyone interacts, and see them under a different light. I don’t find them to be sexists anymore because, I now realize that if it weren’t for women’s social need, men (or at least married men) would have a terribly hard time meeting and hanging out with people outside of work.

Last weekend was a prime example of the role women play in the social interactions a couple has. We went out to a comedy club with some of the girls in my MOMS Club and their husbands. Of course, all the planning was initiated by us and all husbands just came along. As we heard the men interacting through the night, I heard many of them saying that if it wasn’t for their wives, they wouldn’t have gone out, met other guys in their situation and had a terrific time. All of those with whom I talked asked when the next Couples’ Night Out was going to be.

I know I hear how hard it is for my husband to meet people in a social and informal setting as he works a lot and then comes home pretty tired and unwilling to make a phone call to hang out with other guys, but it was great to know that he isn’t the only one in that situation.

I know our husbands won’t form their POPS Club but I will be happy to continue planning events that would get them out of the house and meeting other dads. I can definitely take on the role of the wife of a diplomat 🙂


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