Shy NOT An Euphemism For Rude

Like all of you, I have some pep peeves that bother me and make my eye twitch. But if I had to name the number one, the one that irritates me beyond any other, I would have to pick when people do not say hello. I have gotten used to the fact that people in the area where I have lived for the past 9 years aren’t the most gregarious so, no, I don’t expect strangers to be all smiles and say good morning anymore. My beef is with those persons who I have at least had a brief conversation once and then when you run into them, they pretend not to know who you are.

Argh!!! Seriously! What is their problem? I’ve complaint about this for many years and most of the time people tell me: “she’s not rude, just very shy” but what I want to know is who in the world is seriously that shy that would rather look extremely rude in front of another person? At least back in Mexico, ignoring someone you know and not even greet them is considered a serious offense.

Why am I bringing this up today you may ask? Well, because I’m quite angry after being at the local library. This week alone I have been purposely ignored by 3 people who I have had conversations before. The first was a lady who used to go to the Baby Time program at a local library where we would chat before or after about our children playing and interacting together. One would think that by having interacted in such a way she would be more than open to say hello when running into a familiar face. Well she didn’t, in fact, she totally avoided me. She passed right by me at the supermarket so I stopped and smiled ready to greet her but she dropped her eyes to the floor and continue pushing her cart away from me.

Now let me ask you, have I changed that much in the last 6 months so that she wouldn’t be able to recognize me? I didn’t think so. Then why in the world wouldn’t she smiled back and say hello? Don’t tell me that it is because she’s shy because that really is the worst way to describe such impolite, antisocial behavior.

So then today I got the same thing from two, yes two, different women. As I said, I was at the library, this time for the Toddler Time program, and I saw a very familiar face, so familiar that we used to work in the same office but even more familiar because we even traveled together once for work! So of course I smiled at her from across the room but she pretended to be staring at the window behind me. I tried this a couple of times unsuccessfully so I just waited for the program to be over to approach her. I greeted her by her name and asked if she was still working for my former employer. She was so dry and rude that I thought, why am I putting all this effort in being polite myself? I was about to slap her when she said she didn’t see me seating right across the room. Besides rude, are people also so stupid that cannot come up with better excuses (or at least more creative ones)?

To top things up, when we left the room and proceeded to play in children area of the library, I run into another mom who I have met at another library and who even came to the open house of the MOMS Club that I belong to. I have seen her at least those two times and talked to her in both occasions but once again, the floor move came about. I did say hello, how are you to which she responded “fine” and continued walking.

So help me understand something, am I scary? Do I smell bad? Is my accent so hard to understand? Is greeting people an offense in this area? What the #$@% is going on?

I appreciate any comments, specially coming from people who consider themselves to be shy.


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