Degree-Less Therapists

Voices inside my head repeat the same messages over and over again because it is my nature to over think everything. When those messages are all sweet and happy they spill out of my mouth at ease with anybody I converse with. When they are not, is hard to keep them all in but even harder to find receptive ears and empathic bodies who I can trust with what is going on inside me.

I’m glad I have degree-less therapists in my life who are ready to go out for a drink, hear me out on the phone or give me a hug when I most need it. It is to those friends that listen without judging, that relate to my story, and that understand that sometimes you I have to wear a smile that is more an accessory than the lines of my lips that I owe something in return for their consult 🙂

What would be of our bad days if we didn’t have someone who could really get why we are so upset, or sad, or scared? I just think that when you are a Stay-At-Home-Mom isolation and high expectations become like weights strapped to your legs and if it wasn’t for those degree-less therapists that are ready to share their experiences, hear you out and then give you a hand, we would bury our troubles so deeply inside that we would reach a point our heavy hearts wouldn’t let us move about.

Many thanks to those who are helping me keep my sanity level at “decent”. How much do I owe you?


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