Masters in Toddler Entertainment

I went to visit my old office yesterday to show off the kids and say hello but my being there brought back the feeling of wanting to do something for my career -at least for a couple of hours. So I began to think once more what is it that I want to do besides being a mom and again doubt and hesitation visited my thoughts.

After a night out with the girls (and a couple of drinks), I came to the conclusion that really I am in the middle of completing my degree by taking classes of Google -luckily, there is no question that I haven’t been able to answer through this wonderful search engine yet. A commitment that I started the minute I found that I was pregnant with my first child and so my obsession with reading everything I could possibly get my hands on to prepare myself to be a parent began.

A couple of years later, I find myself investing a great deal of my time doing research and practicals every day so I can further my knowledge in the new field of Toddler Entertainment. I have to say that it isn’t easy to keep up with all the work that this degree requires as I’m stretching my brain and abilities in ways that I never anticipating -such as learning how to hide veggies in my kid’s favorite foods or learning lullabies and folk songs from a foreign country.

Now you are probably thinking “is she being sarcastic or should I ask her where to sign up so I too can get my masters degree?”. Well, I’m definitely getting a vast amount of knowledge from my daily research but unluckily, I will not get a piece of paper to hang on the wall of my office from all this hard work. However, all the thinking I did yesterday on my career path brought me to the realization that though I’m not going to school or officially enrolled in any sort of class, I continue to challenge myself by constantly changing “hats” and becoming a versatile mom that can be an entertainer, puppeteer, story-teller, chef, teacher, companion, friend, cleaning lady, project manager, lullaby singer, purchasing director, event planner, interior designer and decorator, driver and lover all at the same time.

I’m sure expanding my abilities, right? So next time I have one of these “I want to do something about my career” days, remind me that I am working on getting my Masters in Toddler Entertainment, please.


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