Is it me and my Latin American vanity or do other moms of newborns also look at the mirror and find a dairy animal instead of themselves? Never mind the milk production, I’m talking about the feeling of being in someone else’s body -one that is one “moo” away from needing the strictest diet.

I really don’t know how to convince myself that is normal to be and feel overweight. I mean, I JUST had a baby! But logic doesn’t do much when you see yourself in pants that are 3 sizes bigger than those you used to wear when you actually felt sexy. The fact that I’ve been wearing the same outfits for the last 2 years doesn’t help much either but what should I do? Go shopping? I tried that already a weekend ago and seriously, how does buying clothes that make you look and feel like a thousand pounds help? I did end up getting a couple practical pieces just so at least don’t look like I just came out from an outdated photograph.

Angry feelings aside, I really needed to do something about this which is not making me the most pleasant person to be around right now. So I have decided to stop complaining and instead find ways to feel better. I know that it’s going to take me close to a year to claim my body back or to get it to at least a most acceptable size so loosing the extra weight is not really an instant solution.

So I thought about a bunch of things that can help me feel “pretty”, improve my self-esteem and in turn give me more confidence and help the relationship as a couple (not just of being a mom and a dad) that I have with my husband.

  • Make-up: If my body isn’t making me feel comfortable and much less desirable, then I should really do something that I can control right away. I have started to wear make-up a lot more and that has certainly boost my confidence.
  • New clothes: Sure, looking at myself in the mirror at the store as I try new clothes isn’t really my idea of a good time right now, but refreshing my wardrobe a little bit really is. I found that allowing myself to get some fun pieces definitely makes me happier. They may not be the size that I want them to be, but their newness gets me compliments from my husband and that definitely makes me feel better.
  • Exercise: Sure, everybody knows that we need to exercise to loose weight and feel better but actually getting it done makes me feel a tiny step closer to the final goal. Besides, it gives me a little “me” time.
  • Diet: Well, I can’t really say that I’m on a diet right now because I’m hungry all the time but I like having the excuse that I’m nursing to allow myself to eat. However, there are things that I can do to help me lose weight like cutting on sugars and restraining myself from eating empty calories and THAT makes me feel empowered. I CAN lose the weight.
  • Forget about the scale: The scale has always been my worse enemy so I thought “why in the world do I visit it so much then?”. I’ve decided not to think about numbers for a while. I really don’t need yet another thing to obsess over and knowing how much I weigh every week only leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.
  • Get out of the house: If I’m out and about with the kids I really don’t have the need for snacks nor the temptation of raiding the fridge.

I guess I just need to embrace who I am right now in its entirely and be patient. Maybe soon I can look at the mirror again without saying mooooooo!!!


2 thoughts on “Mooooooo!!!

  1. I feel you! It’s hard to feel like I have to restrict myself when…I’m starving ALL. THE. TIME. How is that possible? Carrots and grapes just don’t fill a girl up, that’s for sure.

    We can try and plan walks together?

    Besides, you’re a beautiful mama!

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