The First Day By Myself

It was the first hour of my first day entirely alone with my children -a foreign experience to this very spoiled woman who have had her mother and aunt helping with the adjustment of having two children for the first whole month- and I already had a mess of toys all over the house, a bottle dripping milk on the couch, the TV on with a super annoying children show and both kids crying inconsolably.

What couldn’t my husband stayed from work for another week or a few days at least? -I thought. It would have been useless because sooner rather than later I had to face the reality of being a mom to two-under-two. When did we think that having two little kids so close in age was the best idea ever? Where we drunk? I don’t even remember, but there’s no way back now and I must join the ranks of all those parents before me (including my own) who have raised two children 18 months apart and survived.

For a second in that chaotic scenario I almost started crying myself but then I took a deep breath, picked up my toddler, took her to the couch where I proceeded to take my 4-week-old and sat with them to feed them both at the same time. It seems crazy, huh? But it is incredible what a little hug from mom can do for an 18-month-old and the baby, well, the baby just wanted to drink his milk. So with a Boppy Pillow on my lap and the baby latched on, I proceeded to feed my toddler her fruit and toast with my free hand. After that, we were all much happier and I felt more empowered. Sure, the couch now has a milk ring that I have to clean when I get a second, but I had to prioritize and the kids came first.

Do you know the saying “happy wife, happy life”? Well, the wife gets her payback when she becomes a mother and the saying turns into “happy children, happy wife, happy life”. I’m not about raising spoiled little brats, but for the moment, I better listen to what the kiddies need from me -even if that means not to clean the kitchen for another week or letting all kinds of liquids stain my couch in order to give them a hug or the extra attention they need to make it through this transition.

After all, they showed me on the first hour of our first day by ourselves that if I take the time to listen to their needs, they will be happy to continue with our daily routine. Call me crazy but after breakfast and naps I took them shopping and to visit a friend and all went perfectly fine. I can now say that I’ve survived!


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