My Daughter’s First Lesson To Me

My toddler may not be having a smooth transition when it comes to sharing our attention with her new little brother but she definitely has opened her heart and made a cozy little spot for him right there.

It is both sweet and amazing to me how easily little kids welcome new people in their lives and how eager they are to love them. I am not talking of the casual acquaintance who they seldom see but, at least in my case, my children’s grandparents who they don’t get to interact but one or two times a year and how they open they little hearts to love them -even if it is for the short-lived visits.

When my mother and aunt arrived to help me with the transition of going from one baby to two, they were completely new faces to my 17-month-old. Skype and photo albums aside, my daughter is not used to seeing our extended family in person so it was normal that she was a little apprehensive and unfriendly to them at the beginning, but at the end of their second day here, they had already gone from nothing, to her best friends.

I feel like the same thing happened when she welcomed her little brother into her world. She was indifferent at the beginning but by the end of our first weekend together as a family of four, she was already in love with this new little being that could not do much to reciprocate her squeezes.

I wonder when in life we stop being accepting and loving of all like children are. Wouldn’t our lives be easier if we were more open to everyone? What makes us judge and not give someone a chance based on appearances? I guess this is the first lesson my daughter teaches me: To be more open to new faces as they may turn into dear friends.


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