This is for Motherhood!

There are so many things that I want to write about that it has been really hard to finally decide on a topic, but yesterday after some friends came to meet our new baby, it hit me. There is nothing more important for me right now that the incredible miracle of motherhood and the magic there is in giving birth.

Sure, many of my male friends and relatives make comments saying how glad they are of being a man so they don’t have to go through any of the pains and challenges of carrying a baby within them or have to experience the trauma of labor; but they have no idea of the wonderful journey that takes place in a woman’s soul as soon as she finds out she’s pregnant.

No matter the differences that exist in a world that still favors male versus female, all is worth it when you find yourself inhabited with a little life that is yours to cherish and look after. Being able to feel that baby inside oneself is one of the most amazing things I have ever experience in my life and I actually feel sorry for men who are just spectators of such a special and transcendental event in people’s lives: welcoming a baby.

Like Gioconda Belli, one of my favorite writers, puts it in her autobiography: “Two things that I didn’t decided, decided my life: the country where I was born and the sex that I came to this world with.” Though being a woman wasn’t in my control, it has definitely been a great gift to have. I don’t trade the ability of having babies who have grown deep roots in my soul with anything that the world could offer me.

So this entry is for motherhood and all the joy it brings!


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