Waiting for Number 2

As I finish my 37th week of pregnancy, I begin to wonder how things are going to go down:

  • Will I have enough time to get to the hospital? – I mean, everybody says that everything is much faster with the second child. I have even heard stories of people having their second child only 2 hours after starting contractions :s
  • Will I know how to tell apart the real contractions from the Braxton Hicks I’ve been having for the past weeks?
  • Will I have someone to leave my first child with without her getting upset?

To be honest with you, the third point is the one that I’m actually stressing out about. I have a couple people lined up for the job, but my mother, who will be arriving a week prior to my due date, is  definitely my number one choice. I think we put too much effort planning for things that are absolutely out of our control, but although I wish I could just let things happen how they need to happen, I’m really freaking out about my mother not being here when is time to go to the hospital.

It is not that the friends who are there for me in case I need them are not ready to drop everything and come stay with my little girl, but it is just the thought of interfering with their daily lives that makes me a little nervous. What if I have to call them in the middle of the night? What if my little girl gets upset we are leaving her behind and can’t stop crying? What if we don’t have time for anybody to get to our place and have to end up taking her to the hospital???

I’m definitely loosing sleep over all the possibilities but when one doesn’t have family around, she just have to play the cards life deals her, right? I mean, so many other people are and have been in our situation. I wonder if they, like me, are more nervous about what to do with the first child than delivering the second one.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Number 2

  1. I worry about the same thing….how things will go the second time around when there is a toddler thrown into the mix. We have family about 2 hours away, but my labor went quickly with Sophia (was at the hospital 1.5 hours after my first contraction) and I worry it will go even quicker with this one…which leaves little time. We have a back up plan, but I have wondered if she’ll need to come to the hospital with us, too! I’m definitely more nervous this time around because of the logisitcs of having a child to care for aleady. I worry about the baby coming sooner rather than later…and I just have to stop and remind myself that these things are out of my control. Everything will be just fine. She will be fine, I will be fine, the baby will be fine. And we’ll be a happy family of 4 before I know it.

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