Babies and Doctor’s Offices

When you don’t have family around, usually your friends are the ones you go to when you need help -like when you need them to watch your child for a few hours while you run errands or go to the doctor. I certainly don’t take my child to every single doctor appointment I have (imagine a toddler at the dentist office :s), but since I got pregnant with my second baby, I have been taking my first child with me to every single OB appointment.

At the beginning it was more because knowing how many times I would have to go see my OB, I didn’t want to abuse the friend card too much with anybody. But now, I take my child to the visits because I really like how excited she gets when I put her on my lap as the Dr. measures my belly and listens for her little brother’s heartbeat.

I don’t know for sure if my 16-month-old understands that there in my growing belly, her brother is getting ready to come meet her, but after coming with me to so many appointments she has learned that there is a baby in there. If you ask her “where is the baby?” she imitates the doctor by raising my blouse and feeling around for the baby. It certainly is cute but I also think that those trips to the doctor are educational for her. I’m definitely glad to go to an office where children are welcome and to have a doctor who lets my 16-month-old hold the doppler as she seats on my lap observing every single one of the doctor’s moves.

I hope that now that number two will be added to the equation, visits to the doctor’s office continue to be as pleasant.


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