Kid-Friendly Places?

You don’t start noticing this until you become a parent, a nanny or someone who’s bringing a child in diapers along for a fun day out of the home. But suddenly those plastic things hanging off the bathroom walls get a name and last name as they become an ally in the not-so-fun task of changing diapers. Yep! Changing Stations are the single most important baby gadget that is not up to the caregiver to bring along to all of baby’s outings, yet they are a critical part of the diaper-changing routine.

Changing Stations are commonly seen in areas where families usually hang out, but when I go to a supposedly kid-friendly place and their bathrooms don’t have one, it makes me wonder the type of message they are sending to the families with children in diapers who visit: “Thanks for using the highchairs at our coffee shop but please don’t leave any stinky diapers behind”.

It specially irritates me at places that expect children to visit, like public parks! Why on earth don’t they think that parents who don’t find a Changing Station have to kneel down on the floor to get their babies cleaned up. Luckily I always have a changing pad on me but what’s going to happen the day that I don’t. Do I then have to put my baby on the nasty-public-restroom floor?

What about when daddy is the one who takes baby out on a date? Why aren’t there more Changing Stations in men’s restrooms? Are we still living in the 1940’s where they are not supposed to deal with such tasks? I guess not every public place has the space to have a convenient family restroom but if a restaurant has highchairs or even toys, they must have Changing Stations in their bathrooms. What do they expect us to do? It is already hard enough to hold a toddler still to get her cleaned up, doing that on a tiny pad on the floor is almost impossible.

Next time you go out to a place where kids are supposedly welcome and you don’t find a Changing Station in the bathroom, do me a favor and tell someone there to consider adding one.


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