Treasures At Garage Sales

“Garage-saling” or going to garage sales is something all too common in the U.S. As a matter of fact, I know some people that go on Craigslist and map their strategy week-by-week during garage-sale-season. It is not surprising then, to be amazed by the treasures they find at other people’s garages and the ridiculous prices they paid for them.

This year, I decided to go treasure hunting for the first time! Yes, it is my first year doing this and no, I’m not an extraterrestrial living on Earth. I just didn’t grow up in a place where garage sales are common and though, there are plenty of places where you could buy second hand stuff, it is not something that the people who I am closest with did. Needless to say, buying anything second hand that isn’t coming from a family member is regarded as something bad, of less of a quality and you, are regarded as either cheap or in need of charity.

What a stupid concept, right? But when you grow up in a society where social classes are very important, you try all you can to keep true to what that society dictates. Thank goodness I’m not there right now because buying second hand stuff is not only great for my wallet, but it also is a way to make my environment a more sustainable one. What is the point of buying everything new? Take toys as an example. Sure I can go and buy a sandbox for my kids at the local toy store and pay full retail price, but why waste all that extra money on more plastic that will only be used for a few months a year and that probably won’t even get recycled? It doesn’t seem logical to me.

This week I’m definitely checking some sales out and believe it or not, I even went on Craiglist to see which are the ones advertising baby and kid toys -If I’m going to do this, I better do it like a pro. I even invited two of my friends who are great at treasure hunting to come along so I can learn from them how it’s done (wink, wink). Who knows, I may even find many of the things on my list to buy for our new baby.

Wish me luck in my adventure and do share any good tips you may have.


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