A Taste of Happiness in Just Three Days

You know the feeling you got as a newly wed who finally has her own home and is so happy she cannot wait to have her friends over and play hostess? I am having just that feeling right now. My best friend in the whole world is coming to visit me at my home here in the U.S. after eight years of wanting this to happen.

I’m so excited I don’t even find the right words to explain all what’s going in my mind. Imagine putting all the great moments you’ve lived in the last eight years together in a blender and making a smoothie for your special guest with the taste of: your first day of class in college, the place where you met your husband, your college graduation, the places where you used to go on magical dates, the store where you were when the Dr. call you to tell you you were pregnant, the hospital where you welcomed your first child, your favorite restaurant in town, the first house you bought…

There are so many great moments that I have lived far away from her that I want her to savor at least a little bit of them while she’s here, in my little world. That is why I’ve been planning where to take her, cooking and baking some of the special dishes I make for my husband and kept my house exactly as it normally is (with the only change of having the guest room all decked out) so she can experience life as I normally live it here, when I’m away from her.

I cannot wait for her to be here.


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