When The New Friend Leaves

Through this first year of motherhood I have talked in numerous occasions of how hard it is to make friends as an adult and of course, as a stay-at-home-mom. Luckily, there are always programs in the community, like Baby Time at the local library, where you can find fine candidates to become friends with.

I met three ladies with babies more or less the same age than mine, all who seemed to be going through the same things than I was, who were actively looking for friendships, and two of them are pregnant with their second child just like me. We had many things in common so very naturally, we formed a little playgroup and we started getting together even outside of the library activities.

I got especially close with one of them. It has been great having another first-time-mom from out of town to call and who’s available at any time. Her baby and mine love playing together (or at least they only fight for toys occasionally) and she’s just the type of person who you can talk to about everything and anything and the conversation never dries out. It’s been great meeting her but now that her husband found another job in another city and they are moving away, I can’t help it but to feel very sad.

Over the last eight years -the time that I’ve spent in this city- I have made many close friends but it seems that the closer that I get with someone, the sooner that person ends up moving away. It feels like a great loss, especially when I was used to seeing them on a weekly basis. But such is life and nobody knows where she’ll end up at. Who knows, I may be the one moving away at some point.

Good bye new friend, I will miss you.


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