Gender-Specific Everything

Wow! I didn’t remember gender had so many implications until I found out today that I’m having a boy. I mean, when you are a woman having a girl, stuffed animals, butterflies and dolls are kind of normal for you, right? After all, you grew up surrounded by them. So when your house is, all of the sudden invaded by them, it seems natural.

Now, I have to start thinking about boy things. That is, intentionally thinking about what type of things may a little boy enjoy. I’m guessing that trucks, cars and all the other stereotypical boy-toys are for when the kid is a little older (or at least, that is what I remember from my brother’s toys). But what then does a baby boy play with? Maybe his big sister teddies are not too bad, right?

I just don’t want to over do it, you know? Make our boy’s room all about sports, super heroes and action figures and turn our girl’s room into Barbieland. I grew up like that and I hated when my mother wouldn’t let me play cowboys and indians with my brother because that was a “boy” game or when my brother didn’t want to play with my dolls because he was told that was just for girls.

Our household was so gender-divided that him and I even went to gender-specific schools, which made it very hard to find something to share. We practically didn’t have anything in common until we moved to Costa Rica in high school because of our father’s job. There not only did we go to the same school but we were the new kids with no friends in the new school. So finally, when I was 17 and he was 16, we became best friends and lunch buddies.

Maybe growing in different times and in a place where gender-specific schools aren’t the norm, will help my children grow together and learning from each other rather than learning to reject each other’s hobbies just because other people see them as gender-specific.

I may need some tips and best-practice advice changing diapers, but I am definitely very excited to have a little one who will be very different from his sister and who knows, maybe similar to her too.


One thought on “Gender-Specific Everything

  1. I’m surprised that you have so many toys you think are gender specific: looking at the toys my son has, I’d say a girl could play with and would have been offered the same. But then again, I might see it differently if I do get a daughter… I would think that toys get more gender specific when the kids grow up. And for instance my sister’s almost 3 year old twins -girl and boy- play mostly with the same toys. So I don’t know exactly what you have for your sweet one, but I guess most of it will be of use for the coming little guy!

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