Perpetually Dressed For a Funeral

Where does one need to shop in order to find colorful, fun maternity clothes without spending a fortune? Seriously, it seems that everything maternity is black or gray or black-and-gray. I just came back from Target, one of my favorite stores by the way, and I could not find ANY SINGLE shirt that wasn’t perfect to go to a funeral.

Is it just me or does everyone else need more color, patterns and styles in maternity clothes without having to go to a boutique or just shop online? I would love to find something like the type of things you find at Desigual. Something that reflects more my excited attitude towards my pregnancy and also my age!

Really, it is almost impossible to find anything that would accommodate my round belly that doesn’t look like I’m always going to work, a funeral or that makes me look like instead of piling pounds up, I’m piling years up. Sure, I can go online and look at many more choices there, but I never seem to get the size or the style or something else right and then I have to deal with the hassle of returning them.

I’m hoping that spring brings more color to clothes because otherwise I’m doomed to look exactly the same in every single photo I take from here to July.


2 thoughts on “Perpetually Dressed For a Funeral

  1. I just racked up a bit of credit card debt at Asos – that’s not to say its exy, in fact it’s pretty cheap (especially the clearance section).
    A great selection of maternity-but-not-maternity clothes, if you know what I mean! Plus free shipping (if you’re happy to wait for a bit).
    Happy shopping!

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