Taking The Risk

Who says that staying at home with your children doesn’t imply a risk? Sure, with the support of your sugar daddy, A.K.A. husband, you know that the rent, utilities, gas money, food and diapers will be covered. But what you don’t know is what will happen with your career, your professional life, or anything beyond having a child for that matter.

I guess I can call parents who decide to stay home with their children entrepreneurs. You disagree? Well, hear me out first. By definition an entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and is accountable for the inherent risks and the outcome.

When put that way, entrepreneurship sounds a lot like having a child and not returning to the workplace, right? You decide going on a new venture by putting your career on hold and becoming a mom who doesn’t know the least thing about raising a child. You don’t know where you’ll be in 5 years, except for applying at different kindergartens, and there really isn’t a clear plan of action.

Yet, you are certain that your decision was the best and now that you are in the middle of raising an infant, you find that every choice you make for your child has consequences that have a lot to do with you. For example, buying those cheap diapers… sure, you saved some bucks but when they really didn’t hold what they needed to, you knew it was all your fault.

Being the CEO of your child’s life and making the executive decisions all of the sudden becomes the biggest responsibility you have ever had in your life -it’s even more stressful than the time you had to plan a ribbon cutting ceremony for people you knew very little about all by yourself. But hey! that’s what entrepreneurship is all about: making decisions, taking the risk and taking responsibility for the consequences.

The professional world will always be out there, but taking the risk of making all the big choices in my baby’s life is something that at least right this moment, is more important than anything else.

I may not wear a suit every day but darn it! I am an entrepreneur and a very proud one too.


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