Having a Sugar Daddy Ain’t That Sweet

Hip hop songs make it sound fun, movies make it seem great but having a real-life sugar daddy ain’t that sweet after all.

I really enjoy staying home with my munchkin and I am really happy that my husband is able to be the only bread-winner in our household so I can have that luxury, but having a sugar daddy is a bitter sweet experience.

It is great to be able to be home and see your child grow and it’s even greater to know that even if you spent your whole day at the library and chasing that little person around, you still have money to go grocery shopping or to get those stylish baby shoes you just saw. However, some days I feel like I’m not bringing anything to the table and I have even reached to the point of feeling a sort of guilt clinging from my credit card whenever I want to get something extra that I don’t really need but that would certainly look very cute with my new boots.

My husband has never said anything about my spending but I guess the fact that I am not paying for anything on my own anymore, makes me think twice about a lot of the things that I used to do without hesitation before. This isn’t always bad though, as I have to admit that I’ve become more resourceful and started to better use coupons, specials and discounts. But there are certainly days when I feel like my husband is even paying for his own birthday gift and that makes me feel really bad -kind of useless.

It is in those occasions when I begin to wonder what did I ever go to college for? It feels like such a waste of money back then or of resources right now. Luckily, I always have a friend or my husband to remind me that all of our experiences are part of who we are and are present in every decision we made.

That is how the bitter-sweet cycle of having a sugar daddy begins but I definitely count myself lucky to be able to have options to raise my little family. I know one day, I will really appreciate and treasure the time I’ve spent having my wonderful and caring sugar daddy.


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