Breastfeeding Rocks

Over the past weeks my 10-month-old decided that it was time to leave the breast and move on to bottle-feeding. This was a very sad realization for me as I have enjoyed nursing her very much, but I guess this couldn’t go on for ever.

Now that my baby is drinking formula, I’m discovering more and more why I really liked nursing. Of course the bonding that happens between mom and baby is priceless but more than that, I think there is a certain pride in knowing that your baby is growing healthy because of YOUR milk. Then, there is the help you get shedding baby weight when you nurse. But most importantly, I think, is the convenience of it.

One can virtually nurse anywhere and at any time, granted, if you are in public you always take the risk of being exposed by a squirmy child who doesn’t like to be covered, but still, there is no preparation needed to feed a hungry child.

Now that I’m bottle-feeding, I feel like I have to carry loads of baby gear everywhere I go. One must always have a clean bottle, water and extra formula (because one can never foresee how many ounces will the baby drink in the next feeding). There is also the time factor. While a nursing mom can soothe a hungry baby in about 30 seconds, a bottle-feeding mom has to find the bottle, pour the water in it, mix the formula, shake it very well and finally feed the baby. It seems too much work to me. Lastly, a nursed baby will drink as much or as little milk as she wants without you having to worry about it; however, a bottle-fed child who normally drinks 4 ounces may, all of the sudden, want 6 or 8 -what if you only brought enough supplies with you to make a 4 ounce bottle?

My conclusion after experiencing this transition is that bottle-feeding is complicated and there is much clean up to take care of after the feeding session too. Although, nursing also has its challenges, I will definitely stick to it when the new baby comes -who wants to be carrying extra baby gear everywhere they go?


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Rocks

  1. i agree. i loved breastfeeding with the girls! i failed at it with colin, however…and did find it very convienient that daddy could feed him too. the plus of bottle feeding. 🙂 i also always knew how much he was getting…if you have a skinny minny baby, that is reassuring.

  2. I didn’t breastfeed either of my kids at all. I actually liked being able to hand baby and bottle to daddy, grandma etc… and I wonder if maybe part of the reason why I didn’t want to is I didn’t like all the pressure I felt to breast feed. I’m just glad that we have the choice as parents to do whats best for us.

  3. I applaud you for going this long! I was forced to transition to supplementing with formula two weeks after I went back to work because Evan loves to eat. The transition was definitely a sad one but I was eventually relieved. It is nice to have a sort of freedom when you’re no longer tied to the baby or your pump. I loved the bonding but, for us, bottle feeding is very easy and convenient. Congrats on your new bun in the oven! =)

  4. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it very quickly I bet!! I was also a bit anxious at the beginning but we never had any crisis with our baby being suddendly hungrier than usual for instance. And you can count yourself lucky to have been breastfeeding 100% this long! I had to supplement from week 1…

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