Am I Raising a Shopoholic?

I love having four seasons. The changes in the trees, the environment and the wardrobes are not only pretty but something that I always wanted to see with my own eyes. Learning to adjust to the different weathers has been very challenging and has definitely taken a lot of adaptation on my behalf. But after all the years I’ve been here, I think I have learned enough to know when to take the winter jackets out -and when to take my walks indoors.

With the cold weather upon us, baby and I have been spending a lot of time strolling indoors and by indoors, I mean the mall and the big stores. We go so often that I’m starting to think that baby’s curiosity for all things around her is beginning to turn into early symptoms of shopoholism.

Is spending so much time window-shopping a terrible habit to teach a 9-month-old? Last week we were out as a family and invariably, we ended up browsing at a store. My husband and I were not paying much attention to our baby in the stroller because we thought she was sleeping as she was quiet and covered with a blanket. We left the store and continued walking for a while when we heard the baby moving.

We uncovered the stroller to get the baby and there it was: a t-shirt from the store we had been at a while back. Had the baby grabbed it without us realizing? Did it get caught in the stroller and end up inside it that way? Are we the worse parents in the world? Why hadn’t it activated the alarm? Wait a second! Can you imagine if it had activated the store alarm? How would we had explained how the t-shirt ended up in our stroller? What if something harmful would have ended in the stroller instead?

We felt terrible and though we are not planning on stopping our indoor walks at the mall, we have decided to never lose sight of the baby in the stroller again. Yikes!


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