Road-Trip Phobia

As the hours go by, my anxiety levels increase in anticipation of our first road trip as a family. No, I am not very excited about the 14-hour drive that awaits us and no, I have never liked road trips. So why then did I agree on embarking on such adventure? Let’s just say that is our travel insurance, how we know we will be coming back for sure 8 days from tomorrow.

Next week is Thanksgiving week and if I had learned ANYTHING about traveling during the holiday is to avoid airports by all means. There are always horror stories about airplanes that never seemed to have enough room for all passengers who bought tickets. Hundreds of people always end up stranded many hours at an airport in stand-by of a seat so they can return home. Airlines don’t know how to manage all the traffic and needless to say, aren’t much help for the travelers. Therefore, this year we will be traveling by road with a 9-month-old nursing baby.

It gives me goosebumps just to picture how everything will go down but I promised myself to try everything at least once in my life, so here we go.

I have thought about ways to entertain my hubby and I though. For instance, I checked out 2 murder mystery and 1 historical novel on CD from the library so we can at least say we took advantage of the time in the car. I also refreshed the CD’s I usually carry in my car and added new ones so we can sing along and/or calm a crying baby. What I don’t know how to cope with is a crying baby in the back seat. I guess we will just have to stop in a bunch of places on our way to Atlanta :s.

Those 14 hours are starting to turn to 18 with all the stops and baby feedings and diaper changes. My gosh! What did I get myself into?

I need help! Who will be kind enough to drop me a note with some advice?


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