Intimate Lullabies

I love when my husband comes back from his occasional business trips. Though I don’t particularly enjoy spending time apart, I really like the anticipation I feel the day in which he is set to return home to us.

Last Friday was one of such days and in order to make him feel extra welcomed, I decided to plan a date night. An at-home date night, that is. Now that the baby is here, it takes a lot of planning to have spontaneous dinners at restaurants or go to the movies whenever we feel like it. That is why, I find it easier some days to have dinner and a movie in the comfort of our living room.

I planned a little fondue night with wine, cheese, Italian bread and a movie. After we made sure that the baby was sound asleep, we dimmed the lights and began our date. The food was perfect, the wine excellent and the mood ideal to have a romantic evening. It felt as if it was one of the first times we started seeing each other. Our eyes were interlocked, the conversation was great and we even had those magical quiet moments in which you don’t need to do anything else but to smile to communicate.

It was during one of those quiet moments when I heard the music playing in the background; a tune that made me realized that at least in that moment, I had everything I always wanted in my life. It was a lullaby coming from our daughter’s room. The sound of our intimate family evenings in which I am reminded that despite those moments when I miss being a professional woman, I am living the life I always wanted to have.


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