Baby Rhyme Karaoke

I think that every parent is always trying to expose their children to the most number of experiences possible. I, for one, have been trying to check out all the 0-12 months activities that I can find in my area. One of my favorites so far has been Babytime – a program run by the local libraries where moms and babies sing, read a story and have some play time.

The thing I love most about Babytime is the fact that all the other children there are babies so I can place my 8-month-old on the floor without worrying too much about her being trampled over. I now regret not going to this earlier but I have to confess that I was a little apprehensive of the fact that I don’t know any baby songs or rhymes in English and since the main part of the program is singing, I didn’t know how bad I was going to be at this.

I finally gathered the courage to go a couple of weeks ago. I got up early to make sure to get there a little before the program starts to assess the situation. I checked out the room and sat by a couple of moms with children around my baby’s age, chatted a little bit with them to get rid of some anxiety and browsed around the room. What a relief! I had found the words to many rhymes posted on the wall, if only I had thought about bringing my glasses. I was able to read the first song but as soon as Babytime started and the singing began, I realized that even with the lyrics on the wall, I had no clue about how the rhythm of these rhymes was. I guess baby song karaoke wasn’t as successful as I had hoped for.

I was terrible at signing the first few times but now I have managed to remember to bring my glasses and even learned a song or two. I thought that my lack of knowledge in this area of American Pop Culture is definitely a taste of the many “common knowledge” things that are to come our way and which I will have no idea of. Hum! Having a baby changes your life, but having a baby who is a citizen of your host (and not your home) country, most definitely changes everything. I now have to learn all kinds of things that come second nature for other people. Baby rhymes are one of them but I wonder if I’ll have to learn US History or children literature to be able to help with homework in the future.

Phew! Let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves too much here. I guess that for now at least, I will continue karaoking to baby rhymes and learning the classic baby stories. We will see what other challenges the future brings when that time comes.



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