The Traveling Heart

I began to pack to go back to my husband’s arms and my suitcases are so full of little socks, onesies, baby gear and my clothes that I don’t know where to store all the laughs, the hugs, the times spent by my baby playing with her grandparents and the memories of the visits with my life-long friends. I think I’m going to have to pay more for the extra pounds my heart is flying with this time around.

Paying a visit to my old home has been one of the best gifts after my baby was born that I’ve gotten this year. I may not have followed baby’s routine as closely and I probably should have been more athletic than what I was but the truth is that I was too busy collecting tokens so my heart can remember this visit for a long time that nothing else mattered that much.

I’m so happy I got to taste the sweetness of having my baby hit some of her milestones in front of my parents, play with my friends and be held by all the people from this part of my life who I really love. It would be great to have all of this and at the same time live at home with my husband. But since I can’t fuse both worlds into one, I’m traveling with a heart heavy with great souvenirs from this part of my life and ready to continue to collect more next to the only person who understands how my traveling heart can be in many places but belong to him at the same time.

I’m ready to go back and have my two greatest loves together at the same place but not before collecting the last good-bye hugs and fill more compartments of my heart with the special flavors of the care and friendship that only the people who know you since you were a child can give you.

But even if  all the compartments of my heart were filled, I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have next to me the most important part that it needs to exist: the love and care that only my husband can give. So no matter how much I miss living in my country, being with my childhood friends or celebrating all of the family’s special occasion, I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have a home next to the man that I love.

It is time to pack and take off. So Good-bye to you homeland and hello to you home.


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