Free Nanny On Call

I’m finally getting a taste of what some of my mom friends in the US have: the freedom of having a free nanny on call!

Vacationing at my parents’ house has been the best type. Not only does the fridge always have my favorite stuff to eat and my childhood friends live minutes away, but the vacation package came with 24/7 free baby sitters: my parents!

I can get used to this type of luxury pretty easily. I have spent most of my days with my baby these weeks but once the night drops, I only have to turn to my parents to be available for game (gossip/chatting) night, drinks at a bar, dinner, or hanging out with my friends without worrying about not spending the baby sitter’s money on drinks.

Oh! This kind of freedom is priceless. If only I could have my better half here with me so he could enjoy this type of priviledge… Well, in his abscence and his name, I will continue to take advantage of the opportunity and continue to be the girl with a full social calendar that I don’t get to be when I have to add money for the baby sitter into the equation.


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