I’ve Switched My Wedding Rings

I didn’t tell you in my last post but I’m currently enjoying a nice and long vacation in my home country. It’s only been a few days so I still haven’t unpacked my stuff but at least baby is all set -especially because she may be the most spoiled child in the planet right now.

The international flight was amazingly smooth and though I feared having a crying child on board, she was amazing and slept the whole time. This was the first time I ever left home without my husband since we became parents and I got to say I felt a little bit like Rambo while going through the final checkpoint before exiting the airport: I had a backpack and diaper bag strapped to my back, the stroller with the baby on one hand, a cart with two 50 lbs. suitcases on the other and no traveling companion to help out. The things one discovers she can do when she absolutely needs to.

It hadn’t been that long since the last time I was in my home country but things have certainly changed since last time. For one, the traffic is absolutely catastrophic and I had no choice but to be a driver in that sea of cars. I’m not a domestic girl so I made plans to meet up with people as soon as I had rested a little bit. This placed me behind the wheel in no time and let me tell you, I feel I’m the main character in one of those action flicks like Volcano. People here drive as if they were escaping from erupting lava and don’t care to obey any law.

Traffic chaos has not been the only adventure so far. I’m feeling like a tourist in my own country as I don’t remember how to get places and my parents have to make me little maps every time I go out. But that isn’t it! I’m also feeling socially clumsy. Two days ago I ran into an old acquaintance and her family so I greeted the adults with big hugs and kisses but when it came to their children, I didn’t remember what was appropriate. Finally, their little girl who’s eight, came close to me to give me a kiss -to her, I wasn’t a stranger if mom and dad where greeting me that cheerfully.

I feel somewhat like a patient with split personality who’s readjusting to the side of her who used to live here. I was even reminded to wear my wedding and engagement rings according to the culture here: the engagement ring first and the wedding band thereafter. At least close friends and family are forgiving and to them, my strange ways are just regarded as part of my ¨americanization¨. It’s very weird to feel that way because when I’m in the US I feel like a freshly unpacked foreigner, but when I’m here, I feel very americanized. What an irony!

I guess that there’s nothing to do about this situation, I’m a citizen of the world now and my personality is made up of little bits and pieces of the places where I’ve lived and the people I’ve met. But I think that as long as I remember to keep my wedding rings straight depending on the country I’m at, everything else can be forgiven.


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